Ganoderma: King of Herbs.

The Origin of Ganoderma: The Chinese pharmacopoeia, written in the first century BC, mentions the miraculous properties of Ganoderma. In fact it is a cow dung like wood which was found in about 2 trees out of about ten thousand trees in the places of light and humidity in the deep forest. The reishi herb (Ganoderma) is called ‘the most important nectar of the eastern country’.

When found, it was necessary to make it available to the emperor because by its use he was able to live young, long- lived and disease free life. Provision of capital punishment was made for personal consumption without making it available to the emperor. Due renewed interest in the past few years, especially by Chinese and Japanese scientists and pharmaceutical companies, we have now come to know about this herb.

Why do we need Ganoderma?

> We are living in the world full of stress, environmental pollution, and moreover, we are consuming food containing more of Sugar, salt, fat, cholesterol and extra chemicals. We have reached its state of acidity and ‘pre-disease’. Excess resource and capital are being spent on the construction of advanced hospitals all over the world. We can make hospitals unusable while maintaining better health and avoiding diseases.

Somewhat it is more important. Remember it as a “herb of spiritual power”. Ganoderma strengthens our body’s immune system and its unique adaptogen properties makes each cell normal. Spirulina has amazingly deep nutritional content, but Ganoderma’s medicinal material is more important than its nutritional content. In Human history, traditional oriental information about Ganoderma and only anecdotal reports have been available but clear scientific reports and studies are also emerging from the past few years.

Components of Ganoderma.

By the time, more than 400 active ingredients (components) of Ganoderma Lucidum have been discovered. 3 years ago we only knew about 300 active elements (mobilizer) and more components have being discovered. The most important constituents yet known and their properties are as follows:

1. Adenosine is a regulatory organization. It inhibits ‘platelet aggregation,’ reduces blood cholesterol, increases the amount of favourable lipids and thus helps in the function of the adrenal gland by helping to maintain the endocrine balance directly. All of these properties enable anyone to feel young and energetic. The detailed physiology of plants and fungi has not yet been studied in detail. Early researchers speculate that kidenosine nucleotides interacts with plants and fungi.

2. Tripertenoids are the body builder ingredient. They control antigen-induced allergies and cholesterol in the body and reduce neutral fats. They improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal system and they have strong anti- inflammatory properties.

3. Ganodricense is a new force and life-giver. They are group of acids whose molecular structure is absolutely steroid. Similar to hormones, they are equipped with hepatoprotective, anti-tumor properties, they also help in the prevention of complex skin diseases. They cause rejuvenation of cells and are more and more produced in the skin, giving it a moist, brighter appearance. The bitter taste of Ganoderma is mainly obtained from tis and tripertenoids

4. Organic Germanium is the balancing element. This increases the amount of oxygen in the cells and ultimately in the entire body. They regulate the electrical balance of the body. Corrects abnormal electrical charges around sick cells.

5. Polysaccharides are scavengers. They enhance the Natural healing capacity of the human body and build a strong immune system. They restore the function of the pancreas and thus lower blood Sugar levels, and increase the blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Numerous other active ingredients strengthens the body’s immune system, treating hypertension, hepatitis, bronchitis, mucus secretion induced by asthma and insomnia.

Optimal effects: Ganoderma is the king of adaptogen. An adaptogen is non-toxic and has the ability to penetrate each cell and correct any imbalances from within. Thus Reishi mushroom is taken for long time, it will restore the body to its natural state, and thus all organs will be able to function normally.

Conclusion: The basic principle of world welfare is prevention of diseases, and it is only by upgrading our body to optimum health that we cannot afford to ignore Ganoderma in this era of potential stress and lifestyle diseases.

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