This is truth: Diet and Diet Rules.

Deteriorating health makes everything worse”

What is the truth? ‘The one which has no faults ‘

Each of the medicines has some kinds of side effects and toxic effects, which are mostly used in the place of paracetamol and aspirin. They are very strong acid and therefore cause the gastritis, as well as have harmful effects on the kidneys and liver.

There is no side effects of taking any dose of Spirulina and Ganoderma, hence this is true.

Reishi Gano (RG) khumi means mushroom is formulated by the 90 years old Ganoderma Lucidum mushroom. Ganocelium (GL) is formulated by the mycelium of Ganoderma Lucidum, 18 days old. 

Always combine RG and GL because their properties play the role of complementing each other. Such as GL contains 4 times more Germanium (responsible  for increasing the correct amount of oxygen in red blood cells and other cells) than RG. Therefore, they should be taken in pairs only for official multi disciplinary results.

For proper absorption, it would be more appropriate to take Spirulina and RG and GL with a glass of water half an hour before eating. However they can be taken at any time. When can you eat an apple? It really does not matter.

Understanding Ganotherapy.

The special emphasis of modern medicine is on immediate results; They remove temporary positions only on symptoms and give temporary remedies.

It is sad that most of the patients want short term remedies, which is very silly and the same expected from Naturopathy. Ganotherapy relies on long lasting permanent remedies that improve your body from diseases, Makes it worth fighting. Our human body is the best doctor in the world. There is no medicine that combat the action of reduction of capacity or body.

By taking Spirulina, the body immediately starts feeling pure energy and it is expressed in the form of a new latest mind and physical energy and good sleep. However Ganoderma goes through various stages which are as follows:

  • Overview (6 weeks) all cells are examined for toxic elements and inactivation.
  • Detoxification (8-30 weeks) through the body’s natural excretory system, unwanted toxins are released through urine, sweat, flatulence, mucus.
  • Control (1-12 months) restores biochemical and bio-electrical balance.
  • Construction (6-24 months) damaged cells repair. Resistive capacity improves. Passive cells becomes active.
  • Rejuvenation (1-3 years) puberty occurs in the body. The maximum possible improvement is in the resistive system.

The results of Ganotherapy vary from person to person, as it will begin to appear on their current state of health, lifestyle and commitment to the amount of daily intake. However without any doubt, within 12 months, the body function will be improved.

Dosage Table, A Regulator

RG, GL, Spirulina are pure supplement and hence there is no schedule for their dosage. However it is advisable that two tablets should be taken in the morning and evening in the beginning, and two capsules of Spirulina should be taken in the morning and evening half an hour before eating. After one week increase the dose of Spirulina to three in the morning and evening, and increase RG and GL by 2 pairs in the morning and evening. After the second week, increase the dose of Spirulina to four, in the morning and evening, and increase the RG and GL by 4 pairs in the morning and evening. This dose will continue for 6 weeks and after that, add the previous dose i.e. 2 in the morning and evening and the dose of Spirulina will be in the morning and evening.

By the 12th week, the cholesterol level will be reduced. In diabetic patients, sugar will be controlled and in hypertensive patients blood pressure will begin to be controlled, due to alkalosis,mental self-control remains and acidic pH symptoms begin to fade. All diseases can be divided into mild, moderate and severe. The above mentioned dose is suitable for mild category of disease. For moderate and severe diseases, the dose may be increased. For example, in severe kidney disease, crippling Parkinson’s disease, obstructive psoriasis, etc. the dose can be gradually increased to 15 pairs a day and reversal of symptoms will take about 18-24 months. They have to be confident. Patients with kidney disease who are on dialysis will take longer because Ganoderma also exits the body with every dialysis.

Opposition Influence Response

Improve symptoms before they happen, they start deteriorating. This is because toxic elements improve the resistance system and start to become alkaline. Its manifestation is in the form of increased urination, diarrhoea, increase in urine, hives or increase in mucus. If it is out of stamina then the dose can be halved for a few day

Mega therapy.

In severe type of acute disease, megatherapy is given after 12 weeks. Under this, doses of up to 30 pairs is given in a day. This increased dose may last for weeks and months until symptoms are controlled. It is mainly effective in cancer, cases of HIV which are increasing due to AIDS, hepatitis and renal failure etc. The ideol situation would be that megatherapy be taken after consulting a doctor who knows about Ganotherapy.

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