DXN- Company Profile


The world’s largest ganoderma company with a dragon one market and one concept of thinking.


DXN is a Direct Selling company known for its high quality Ganoderma Lucidum and other amazing health products.


GLOBALLY :Rank #15 DXN Global 100 List in 2018



The green color represents the trees which symbolize the dynamic growth and expansion of our market.The green branches symbolizes Ganoderma to represent the company’s strong commitment for growth and relentless striving to achieve excellence by focusing on the health-based industry.

Red represents fire to symbolize the company’s fighting spirit to progress. The Red Oval symbolizes the rising sun to represent aggressiveness, single mindedness and persistence in achieving DXN’s vision.

The blue color symbolizes water which signifies vigorous development work as the foundation of the company. The blue horizontal line refers to the power source to encourage the company’s business growth.


Why DXN?

  • Global Company with a proven history base.
  • Perfection Integrated
  • 100% debt free.
  • Presence in more than 180 countries.
  • Certified by Internationally Recognized Quality Control bodies.

Every Day use wellness products

  • Natural and free toxic chemicals
  • Insured quality
  • Affordably priced consumable products
  • Money back guarantee

Low startup costs

  • Global opportunity
  • A simple, easy, powerful compensation plan
  • With high paid start up bonus
  • Real revenue sharing

OUR PRODUCTS: Health care, Beverages, Personal care

🎉Nature’s Amazing Gift For Mankind Through DXN



The easiest way to start your own business with a small initial investment.

  • Your own business
  • No Capital Commitment
  • You can choose where you want to work
  • You can choose with whom you want to work
  • You can choose when you want to work
  • Home based business


  1. JOIN US: Start Your Own Business
    • You should be 18 years old or above
    • No joining fee/ Charges
    • Fill up DXN membership/ DXN Seller Application /DXN Agreement Form
    • Now you are on to create a life of your choice
  2. USE THE PRODUCTS: Be A Good Consumer
    • World class products to ensure that you have healthy Family
    • Upon free membership you are entitled to get the products in Discount Price
    • On your every purchase you will be rewarded according to the Company Plan
  3. SHARE THE BENEFITS: Be A Good Distributor
    • Create consumers to generate personal sales value
    • You will be rewarded on your purchase
    • You can earn Retail profits from the sales generated
  4. BUILD A SYSTEM: Be A Strong Networker
    • Help your team to create consumers and active Distributors
    • You will be rewarded on your entire team volume generated.


  • Retail Sales
  • Group Bonus
  • Star Group Bonus
  • Development Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Group Incentive
  • Travel Seminar Incentive
  • Mobile Phone Incentive
  • Overseas Incentive

If anybody has any queries you can contact me on Instagram #dxn_coffee_with_arvind, be free to comment.

Now, during this period of lockdown every person have realised the importance of Second Earning Source, DXN gives you an opportunity for it, if you need more information about it, contact me or comment

Best Wishes, Sakshi


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Hiii, everyone its Sakshi, I am a new blogger. I'm here to give info about superfoods, which also can be said as a God's gift, also how you can get Benefited by joining our group. I guarantee you can also earn your own health and also earn wealth. Every one around us wants to live a beautiful life which you can get here.

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