Introduction to DXN

What is DXN?

DXN was founded by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin, After more than 20 years of careful research and scientific analysis, discovered the specific benefits of Ganoderma or Lingzhi and its corresponding effects on human health with the establishment of DXN in 1993.

The core business activities of DXN include cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of the health food supplements. Its product lines include dietary supplements, food and beverages, personal care products, skin care & cosmetics, household products and water treatment system. It has different product certification with recognitions. In its core business of network marketing, the rapid global expansion of DXN is recognised internationally by its vast growth of members worldwide and its amplification of footprint in key strategic locations. With over six million registered distributors worldwide, DXN is solidifying its position as the world leader in Ganoderma products. It operates in over 60 countries, with network in more than 180 countries.

Unique Elements of DXN

  1. One Dragon- The entire process cultivation, processing, and marketing is solely done by the Company under strict quality control.
  2. One World One Market- Each and every distributor enjoys worldwide Bonus with single membership.
  3. One Mind- The Company and the distributors single-mindedly concentrate on doing DXN business.
  4. The company offer free registration of Membership where the Direct Seller/ Distributor does not require to pay any entry fee.
  5. Company offer Buyback for all its products.
  6. DXN plan ensure that direct sellers / Distributor shall receive remuneration derived from the sale of goods and not merely by joining the Direct Seller / Distributor under them.

Our Philosophy of Providing Low Price, High Quality products and Keeping a Solid Profile while generating High Income is very appropriate for Direct Selling.

DXN Products distribution started in India from 1999, at present through DMI (Direct Marketing India), DXN products are made available throughout the Country by its 400 Stockist / Service Centers. It asses the product availability and Online customised support for any Direct Seller is empowered by DXN E- wallet System, through which Direct Seller can track his business growth.

DXN Products Range:

The following categories of product made available by DXN to Direct Sellers, which bears the DXN Label and Logo.

  1. Ayurvedic & Natural food Health Supplements
  2. Food & Beverages
  3. Personal & Skincare Products
  4. Others

DXN Business and Bonus (Remuneration) System


DXN offers an unique marketing plan which caters to all segments of Direct Sellers. DXN Marketing plan is very easily accessible and Dynamic, yet very tremendous in terms of payment. The plan offers & different components which ensures benefits in various stages of growth of a Direct Sellers. It is carefully designed so that there is fair distribution of commission in different levels of status based on the monthly performances.

Through DXN Marketing Plan a Distributor can earn through:

a). Retail profit margin:

The Direct Seller is first benefitted by retail margin which is much easier but massive in profit which is up to 25%. The Retail profit is the difference of amount which a Direct Seller gets while selling products purchased in DP to a non-member in MRP. This profits is up to 25% which a Direct Seller can make from the day he joins DXN, wherein he does not require to maintain minimum PV or sponsor immediately and can still enjoy profit from our Company.

b). Discount on Personal Purchase:

After the Direct Seller starts sponsoring he will be able to acquire the other components of bonus.

c). Income through product sold by a Direct Sellers and his team is computed by various types of Bonus as below:

Bonus 71% on SV and cash incentive

  • Group Bonus-6 -21%
  • Star group Bonus-25 -37%
  • Development Bonus-15%
  • Internationally Profit Sharing-2 %
  • Leadership Bonus-15%
  • Travel Seminar Incentive- 2%
  • One time Hand Phone cash Incentive- Rs. 12,500/-
  • One time overseas trip cash Incentive- Rs. 1,00,000/-

The Direct Seller will also be able to attain status as

  1. SA- When your accumulated GPV is more than 45,000
  2. SR- When you sponsor 3 First Generation SA under you
  3. SD- When you sponsor 6 First Generation SA under you.

Your status increases after this, when every diamond line increases under you from 1 to 20, your status increases as ESD, SSD…..CD…..CA.

The company recognises the Direct Seller when he achieves each status during their recognition nite programme which is a grand event organised exclusively to recognise the achievers.

The Direct Seller will be generating Point Value as he purchases and purchase are made by people sponsored under him. The percentage Bonus also grows based on his performance. The percentage of Bonus for group is based on accumulated GPV on the first hand and then increases as your status grows up and based on your monthly performance.

The Travel Seminar Incentive is a unique feature of our marketing plan, where the TSI points are calculated every month and added to your account. At the end of the year the Direct Seller who completes the yearly target points will be able to participate in the Travel Seminar trip which is absolutely free for the participant including Airfare, accommodation, Food and sightseeing and many more attractions every year. The Direct Seller who is working very hard year long will have chance to relax himself in world’s beautiful destinations without spending from their pockets. DXN also offers One Time Incentives twice in his business with us.

Hand Phone Incentive: which is a onetime incentive of Rs. 12,500/- given to SR to reward them when 3 immediate SA with accumulated GPV of 60,000 is developed under your personal sponsor.

Overseas Incentive which is one time Incentive of 1 lakh given to the Direct Seller whose immediate 5 downlines receive hand phone Incentive.

Brief Abstract

1. Free of cost to associate with DXN business

2. DXN allows to return product under Buyback policy with guarantee

3. DXN allows cooling period of 6 months

4. DXN will pay remuneration only on sale of goods

5. DXN provides appropriate training tool

6. DXN provides best marketing plan for financial freedom

If you need any another information you can comment or contact me on Instagram #dxn_coffee_with_arvind

Warm Regards, Sakshi

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