How Alkaline are you?

If the diet is unbalanced, the drug is of no use, and if the diet is balanced there will be no need for medicine.

Our body is made up of the integration of billions and trillions of unique cells, and all the cells remain integrated and functional together. To ensure optimal functioning of these cells, the pH balance should be maintained at or near 7.4 (The neutral pH is 7, 0 is highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline pH value). The pH balance is an important determinant of our state of health. The pH of the body presents the resulting picture that is hot in accounting for the processes of our body’s ongoing metabolism and the release of toxic substances.

But there are innumerable mechanisms in our body, which is proving to be a very challenging task for maintaining proper pH of 7.4 for proper pH balance. In its (science) era, alkaline pH 7.4 is the reason for our body that we are laden with the burden of acidic foods. Most foods are either “acid producing or alkaline producing. Only few foods are of indifferent nature. It is possible to change oneself. It is possible for us to change our life style by changing dietary values.

Refined sugar is the most acidic food that all earthlings are consuming every day. Slow intake of sugars causes physical and mental strength to gradually dissipate, similar to commiting suicide. So the most acidic of all foods containing sugar and cola, soda, lemonoid’s bitet fizzy drinks tops the list. The pH value of coke is 2.5. Coke of 2.5 pH topped all carbonated fizzy drink list, drinking 32 glasses of alkaline water with pH of 10 neutralize a glass.

Sugar is more addictive substance than cocaine; one can of coke contains 10 teaspoons of refined sugar. Thus the flow chart of life move in this way, cola drinkers.. high weight.. premature aging.. and many other negative effects, Osteoporosis due to phosphoric acid in cola.. high blood pressure.. increase in cholesterol.. heart disease.. diabetics.. because it blocks the absorption of calcium.

The high amount of caffeine is acidic (unless mixed with this Ganoderma, which is now used in coffee), and in high concentrations such as cola, is responsible for arrhythmia, insomnia, mineral and vitamin development

All milk products are acidic (yes, milk too); Icecream contains a concentrated form of milk and contains a variety of yogic and sweater materials are used. They all produce mucus, acne and Osteoporotic and they are enemies of the heart.

What to do if I am acidic?

An acidic balance will result in tumar cells to thrive and weaken the cells’ ability and with this, they will make the immune weak and the mitochondria of the cell will start to develop and to fight disease will reduce the production of energy within the white blood, thus reducing nutrients and the capacity of the body and as a result the body start feeling tired and sick. Blood with pH of 9.9 will help you to absorb mineral salts and you can get into a coma and eventually you can die.

Acidic pH is more common in this era,because:

  • Refined sugar is consumed daily which is very common and the root cause of modern lifestyle diseases.
  • Acid producing food is ingested, like white flour, beverages, and chemical synthetic sweeteners.
  • Medicines produce acid in our body (In which aspirin tops the list)
  • Stress also leads to produce acid in our body.

Symptoms of overloaded acid:

Acne, headache, menstrual cramps, urge to fill up, water retention, insomnia, lethargy, excessive irritability, self deprecating behaviour, frequent breathing, experiencing enough oxygen, being unable to hold breath for up to 20 seconds can be used to check the pH of urine or the pH of saliva with the help of pH straps. PH of normal blood and pH of normal saliva 6.5. to 7.0 if the pH of saliva is checked continuously.

As acidity increases, the body invites cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney failure. The huge deposits of calcium in our body in the form of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate in bones and muscles.

As a result of an acid-rich diet, they are released into our circulatory system for the adjustment of pH. According to an estimate, half the mass of skeletal system of calcium can be excreted out of the body during a period of 20 years to control overload of acidic diet. The kidney has to function continuously and in fact our muscles and bones have to be excreted in our urine to balance our pH. Thus it is clear that we can preserve our muscles and bones by drinking alkaline beverages.

Almost all vegetables, herbs, seeds, fruits, nuts are alkaline.

To maintain optimum health, the diet should be 65% alkaline and 35% acidic. To improve an acidic body, the percentage of alkaline diet should be about 80 percent. Spirulina and Ganoderma are highly alkaline and can accelerate the rate of alkaline.

The Conclusion:

Maintaining proper physical pH balance is a top priority for physical and spiritual health. The alkaline pH of 7.4 keeps the cells and organs of our body happy and enables them to fight any diseases. It eliminates anger, provides peace and establishes a state of tolerance and peace. Acidic pH makes a person angry, stops making quiet decisions and makes every cell in the body sluggish and contented.

People can be acidic, communities can be acidic; a nation can be acidic: peoples and nations that hold power must decide overall and act as if they would have made it, if they had alkaline properties.

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